Friday, September 3, 2010

Time is short, make good time to enjoy the moments later

The time had passed by and I wondered just where the summer went, did I accomplish anything worth an honorable mention or did I just waste the entire summer away without enjoying it? As I pondered the last 5 months since Dani’s diagnosis; that huge vast space in time was actually filled with the type of bus-e-ness I hated. So it was not enjoyable to work against a system that was slow to respond to our needs. Yes, we finally received our orders to move but it took 8 weeks to achieve that goal. Other plans had to be put on hold such as buying a home for Dani so she could be comfortable, and now it looks as though it will be October before we are settled down. So it’s hard to make the best for your family when the apathy of a bureaucratic system takes control of your life.

On another note: Let’s fill the bad with the good and address Dani’s Kodiak support system. There has been a huge out pouring of support from immediate family members, church family and off base friends who made the difference in our attitude and outlook on life. Simply because, anyone without this support system one could easily drift away into disparity. We are prevailing to rise above this life changing event in order to keep our faith strong. Each time I kneel down to say my prayers, I know that 25 others are voicing their concerns to our Heavenly Father.
When all this is behind us, we can look back to see our trials and tribulations as strengths, not weaknesses.

I thank my Heavenly Father for the love of my life and I live everyday to be worthy of her.
I love you Dani :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strength is everywhere

Strength can be visible and tangible, sometimes dangerous and other times peaceful. But how can I feel strength and peace when faced with difficult challenges in life? Despite what I know about my own personal belief system, I experience fear in the wake of adversity and shaken faith often causes me to rethink my strategy for overcoming life changing events. I can either duck and take the path of least resistance or take it head on with the tools of knowledge, faith and determination. Since Dani was diagnosed with cancer in April 2010 I’ve had to take a double look at my life, realigned values, priorities, and commitment to sacrifice what is most important to me and that is family. Without family, nothing really matters. Putting God closer to me and my family means greater strength, exercising faith to know that Dani will make it through her life changing event becomes more tangible every day. The more faith I exercise displaces the fear that often times destroy s inhibitions to move forward in life.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Close Call

Last Thursday night my wife Dani complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing. We decided it was best for her to see her doctor first thing in the morning. I knew something was wrong because I sensed it. This sick sense was felt deep in my chest. By Friday morning I drove her to the emergency room only to discover after a CT scan with contrast that Dani had two pulmonary embolisms. In short simple language two blood clots one on each side of her lungs. Lucky for us it was caught early; however the ER doctor could not believe that Dani's 02 saturation was better than his. Under the same circumstances many would be in grave danger and admitted to the hospital for days of observation. I know that Dani is carefully watched by our Heavenly Father and through our prayers and faith miracles continue to abound upon her every day.

Previously Dani was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer back in April. Since then she has gone through a colon resection and lung surgery. By all accounts a textbook success in the operating room. However the cancer has spread to her lungs and statistically gives her a 2-5 year survival rate. The unfortunate complications are many and one of them pulmonary embolisms. We press forward in faith and give thanks and gratitude for our Heavenly Father's blessings.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Love My Wife for Many Reasons

I love my wife for many reasons because she is the first and last person in my life that I contribute all my emotions and love to.

I love my wife for many reasons because she bares the greatest love for giving birth to our son Damon.

I love my wife for many reasons because she is patient with me and teaches me how to be a father and a husband.

I love my wife for many reasons because she is happy and her contagious smile gives me courage and strength.

I love my wife for many reasons because her hopes and dreams are our road map to eternal happiness.

I love my wife for many reasons because she chose me to be her partner and lover for Time and All Eternity.

I love my wife for many reasons because she has a testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored church.

I love my wife for many reasons not listed here, it is the fact that I love her with all the fibers of my heart and I will continue to love and appreciate her contribution to our family.

Love your John

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Navigating life challenges

I compared my life as a person floating down a water way, a sleek river with bending turns, treacherous rapids and calm eddies. Sometimes shallow water caused by droughts have slowed me down and prevented my progress forward in life, and other times fear because of difficult waters. The oddity of my success and happiness is based upon which waters to navigate and which to avoid and the key to my navigating life’s challenges has always depended upon my relationship with God. Furthermore, I should stand a vigil watch and observe the compass of life to ensure safe passage for my family. I love my family and I want them to know that I am doing everything possible to ensure they receive all the blessings they so richly deserve.

More to come :-)