Friday, September 3, 2010

Time is short, make good time to enjoy the moments later

The time had passed by and I wondered just where the summer went, did I accomplish anything worth an honorable mention or did I just waste the entire summer away without enjoying it? As I pondered the last 5 months since Dani’s diagnosis; that huge vast space in time was actually filled with the type of bus-e-ness I hated. So it was not enjoyable to work against a system that was slow to respond to our needs. Yes, we finally received our orders to move but it took 8 weeks to achieve that goal. Other plans had to be put on hold such as buying a home for Dani so she could be comfortable, and now it looks as though it will be October before we are settled down. So it’s hard to make the best for your family when the apathy of a bureaucratic system takes control of your life.

On another note: Let’s fill the bad with the good and address Dani’s Kodiak support system. There has been a huge out pouring of support from immediate family members, church family and off base friends who made the difference in our attitude and outlook on life. Simply because, anyone without this support system one could easily drift away into disparity. We are prevailing to rise above this life changing event in order to keep our faith strong. Each time I kneel down to say my prayers, I know that 25 others are voicing their concerns to our Heavenly Father.
When all this is behind us, we can look back to see our trials and tribulations as strengths, not weaknesses.

I thank my Heavenly Father for the love of my life and I live everyday to be worthy of her.
I love you Dani :-)

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  1. I love honey. I know it's taken awhile to get to this point, but soon we will be settled in out new home and I will be able to be home with you and DAmon every night. Keep our faith, say our prayers, and work TOGETHER through this. I love you more than I's true. I'll try to be better.